For this project I had the pleasure to take pictures of Quirin (ig:@oreomilfshaqe) and Emma (ig:@emmagroeper) at the Stu (www.wecallitthestu.com)


In a survey, 73% of all atendants said that they are never more than five feet away from their phone. This phenomenon is called "nomophobia" - no mobile phobia. I often wonder if people are present when talking to their surrounding, or if their mind is drifting away in the world wide web.


"People talking without speaking, hearing without listening."

With this picture I want to express my observation of some of the biggest problems of communication nowadays:

- Talking to other persons to really talk to yourself and process your own emotions and not to share thoughts or experiences for the good of someone else

- Comparing yourself to others all the time and feeling the need to be better than the rest

- Not listening to your fellow man, just taking advantages to tell your own experiences.


One of the deepest existing relationship is the relationship of one to oneself. Every individual has so many different facets, each one equally relevant to the building of one's peronality.